Dr. Barghouthi – Verteporfin Hair Regeneration Human Trial

Dr. Barghouthi is the first to conduct trials on Verteporfin in the field of surgical hair restoration. Verteporfin is a medication that hinders the formation of scars by targeting Engrailed-1 fibroblasts. Scars are devoid of hair, sebaceous glands, and other dermal appendages necessary for hair growth, such as the hair matrix and dermal papilla. Verteporfin aims to address scarring by addressing these three crucial factors, thereby promoting the regrowth of dermal matrix structures and appendages, which are essential for normal skin and hair follicle growth.

Verteporfin is an FDA-approved drug primarily used for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration. It is also utilized off-label for central serous retinopathy. In the treatment of these conditions, the drug is activated through exposure to red light. In its inactive form, it acts as an inhibitor of the Yes-associated protein (YAP). YAP has been identified as one of the main drivers of the signaling cascade that leads to the formation of scarring fibroblasts in humans.

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