Meet Our Team

Dr. Sebastian Deme
(Hair Transplant Surgeon)

Dr. Ted Miln
(Hair Transplant Surgeon)

Dr. Matt Egan
(Hair Transplant Surgeon)

James Irvine
(Clinic Director)

Brenda Deacon
(Hair Transplant Technician)

Alice Laird
(Hair Transplant Technician)

Ridha Shah
(Hair Transplant Technician)

Fernanda Takebe
(Hair Transplant Technician)

Barbara Novotna
(Patient Advisor)

Theresa Lyne
(Client Coordinator)

Gosia Kupzcak
(Hair Transplant Technician)

Bettina Radics
(Clinic Manager)

Peter Irvine
(Development Officer)

Debra Jane
(Client Coordinator)

Dalma Kiss
(Hair Transplant Technician)

Marzena Kojder
(SMP Technican)

Westminster Medical Group® is a leading London hair transplant clinic situated on Harley Street.

Hair transplant surgery and Scalp Micropigmentation specialists.

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Very well respected hair transplant and Scalp Micro Pigmentation clinic, located on Harley Street.

30 years of experience and expertise in hair restorative surgery and medical hair loss treatments.


Highly skilled hair restoration specialists registered with the GMC, ISHRS, BAHRS and WFI.

Dedicated to providing modern state-of-the-art hair transplant surgery and non-surgical solutions.


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