UGraft Hair Transplant London

What is the UGraft Zeus FUE Hair Transplant System?

The UGraft Zeus system is a revolutionary hair transplant system with a unique set of features that have completely changed the game when it comes to FUE hair transplant surgery at Westminster Medical Group.

UGraft Hair Transplant London

The UGraft Zeus system boasts many patented attributes in FUE punch design, featuring innate depth control to compensate for punch misalignment which is common with most other FUE punches, plus the cancellation of torsion injuries to the hair grafts once the graft is harvested and inside the punch. The user navigation is much more intuitive with depth control regardless of hair angulation or texture, producing premium quality grafts ready for transplantation. The UGraft punch renders hair transection rates negligible; with scarring footprints smaller than other FUE systems. The Zeus system’s unique innovative features include a flared punch tip, an expanded inner volume, an upward pulling action, a unique graft control mechanism, and fluid irrigation with hands-free ejection providing high graft quality. Its superior performance and unmatched versatility all combine to overcome the challenges commonly associated with FUE hair transplant, including all individuals with thick skin, curly hair and tightly-curled Afro-textured hair.
Illustration showing a micro-needle administering a hair regrowth substance into human skin, depicted with a focus on the needle tip and the layers of skin.

The Zeus system is the first developed system to successfully excise follicles of any shape or texture, regardless of the patient’s ethnic background or genetic make-up. The UGraft system features an optional self-lubricating punch tip that hydrates each graft at the point of excision. This creates a protective water seal that prevents graft death via desiccation. While in operation, the punch lubrication enhances the punch’s self-guiding functionality.

Some patients may need to conserve hair follicles for future procedures. Once a graft is damaged, it becomes unusable and cannot be replaced. Every single follicle counts, hence why here at Westminster Medical Group we micromanage your donor hair taking into account potential future usage of your finite supply of hair.
Patients cannot afford to have their donor grafts wasted, especially in cases where more procedures may be necessary later on in life. The advanced hybrid design of the Zeus’ intelligent punch features a cutting vector that faces away from the delicate follicle shaft and bulb. The only part of the punch that touches the follicular unit is a dull, curved surface.
Below is an example of how conventional punches require exact alignment for graft extraction. Even the most minute misalignment results in a transected and unusable hair graft.

Illustration comparing two hair implant methods: traditional method on left with a black tool, and ugraft method on the right showing advanced technique with a purple tool and detailed grafting.

Is hair restoration with UGraft a scar-free procedure?

No surgery is truly scar-free – if an incision is made, the skin will need to heal. The UGraft, however, certainly comes close with its technology designed to optimise wound healing. Like all FUE hair transplant procedures, grafts are extracted as individual follicular units. This avoids the linear scar often seen on the back of the head after a strip surgery. FUE punches create individual wounds that leave a less noticeable scar compared to the older method of follicular unit strip surgery that creates a linear scar in its wake. The UGraft with its Intelligent Punch is designed to impose a puncture wound that is notably less everted than those left by the other FUE punches of the past. The visual impact of scarring after a UGraft hair transplant is much less cosmetically visible than other FUE hair transplant methods due to its unique punch design.
Illustration comparing traditional hair transplant tools ('others') with the 'u-punch' tool. The image shows how each tool interacts with the skin layers to remove a hair follicle, with u-p

Doesn’t the flared tip of the UGraft punch create bigger wounds in the donor area?

The UGraft system features a flared tip that does not increase the diameter of the punch. The wound gently stretches around the expanded lumen tube without cutting further into the tissue. The Zeus system creates a less everted wound cavity than traditional FUE punches, which results in scars that heal smaller and flatter in general.
A close-up view of a man's cheek during a hair replacement procedure. A stenciled guide is visible on the skin, with an area highlighted for treatment, and a needle injecting a substance into

Does the UGraft System work for curly hair or Afro-textured hair extraction?

Before UGraft came along, FUE transplants were simply not a viable option to patients with very curly hair or Afro hair due to limitations in the technology available at the time to safely extract; the tools at hand were simply not able to adequately navigate the unpredictable paths of growth that characterize Afro-textured hair, hence why FUT was mostly performed as an alternative. UGraft however is the first-ever FUE hair transplant system capable of safely extracting all types of curly and Afro-textured hair, no matter how tightly-curled and textured it happens to be. The Ugraft system’s unique design is engineered to fully encompass follicles of any shape and size fully, greatly reducing the rates of transected hair grafts across the board. To see if UGraft hair transplant surgery is suitable for your particular case, please contact our Harley Street clinic today for more information. We offer expert, impartial advice that you can trust, tailored to your individual needs. At Westminster Medical Group you will consult personally with our GMC-registered hair transplant surgeons at our Harley Street clinic, and not with a sales representative under pressure to close a deal. Only a registered hair transplant doctor can assess and advise which is the most suitable treatment option, given your particular case. This will include long-term planning and the correct management of your available donor hair, taking into account possible future usage of this finite region.

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