FUE Hair Transplant London

FUE Hair Transplant London

Westminster Medical Group is a leading FUE hair transplant clinic in London, located on the world-renowned Harley Street in Marylebone.

The FUE hair transplant is a minor surgical procedure that involves transferring genetically strong hair follicles from the safe zone donor region to the area of your scalp most affected by thinning.

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Excision, an advanced technique, where we use state-of-the-art 0.65 – 0.8mm trumpet punches, WAW FUE, and the UGraft Zeus system to strategically remove individual hair grafts from your donor region with extreme care and precision. The FUE hair transplant procedure takes place at our London-based Harley Street clinic under local anesthetic. The strongest hairs, which are genetically programmed to remain at the back of your head, are carefully selected and transferred to the recipient area affected by hair loss, where they will continue to grow permanently.

During an FUE hair transplant procedure at our Harley Street clinic in London, we shave the hair at the back and sides for the hair extraction process, leaving your hair longer on top, if preferred. We also offer Unshaved FUE (UFUE) for suitable candidates wishing to maintain much longer hair. Similarly to the FUT technique, harvested hair follicles are then trimmed under high magnification and placed into a holding solution before being re-implanted. 

You will see the result of your FUE hair transplant at 6-12 months following your procedure, and your hair will continue to mature up to 18 months after your surgery when you will be able to enjoy the final result.

At our Harley Street clinic we’re able to get you back to your normal routine in under 1 week after your procedure with our unique Back To Work Hair Washes where we remove up to 90% of the visual effects of surgery in under 7 days, leaving you ready to face the world again.

A hair transplant is a delicate and precise operation and must be handled by experts in the field. When you consider the removal and re-implantation of your finite donor reserve to the recipient area, it’s a process which must be delivered with extreme care and precision so not to waste precious follicles. The days and weeks following your surgery are very important also for healing and recovery, which can have a large impact on the outcome of your hair transplant procedure.

Once the procedure is complete, and the initial healing and recovery stages are over, it can take upto 3 – 4 months before your follicles start growing again. Your new hair growth is usually coarse, wiry and wispy at first and might look a little uneven, but you will soon be growing fuller and thicker hair back in the months following the initial shed phase following your hair transplant procedure.

Most patients reach full hair growth around the 12 month mark following their procedure, though every patient’s recovery time is different as each person’s physiology differs with recovery and the regrowth timeline.

Here on Harley Street, our dedicated medical team are always available for any questions you may have, and will advise and support you throughout the entire journey. Come six-months post op we will contact you to see how your new growth is progressing, and again at the twelve-month post-op stage, by which your hair should be reaching full growth before the hair maturation stage. We will invite you for one final hair transplant check-up to see how you have progressed. This will involve checking your hair transplant growth, the condition of your native non transplanted hair and your reserve donor hair to assess the overall end result.

At our Harley Street hair transplant clinic, you will personally consult with one of our GMC registered hair transplant surgeons to discuss the options available. Only a registered hair transplant surgeon can assess and advise which is the most suitable hair restorative option, given your unique case of hair loss. This will include long term planning and the correct management of your available donor hair which is not infinite. 

If you truly want the best hair transplant experience in London by a dedicated team of professionals, then look no further than Westminster Medical Group. Contact us today for free, friendly advice, or start your online assessment, or book an in-person consultation at our Harley Street clinic in London. 

We always strive for the best natural hair transplant result whilst ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction with every treatment. If you’re the right candidate, our surgeon will perform your surgery in a way that restores your hair whilst maintaining a degree of future proofing should you need further treatment at a later date. If you’re not the best candidate for hair transplant surgery, we offer non-surgical solutions and medical treatments as great alternatives. 

Illustration showing the process of hair transplantation for female hair loss. Steps include removing follicles, preparing them, creating recipient sites on the scalp, and inserting hair follicles to achieve growth.
Illustration of the hair transplantation process. step 1: punch incision around hair follicles. step 2: extracting follicular units. step 3: harvesting the grafts. step


Minimally invasive, no sutures or stitches needed

  • Enables you to wear your hair shorter, with no linear scar
  • Best suited for small and medium-sized cases
  • Perfect for cherry-picking fine calibre follicles for hairline restoration
  • Simple aftercare and minimal downtime recovery

Hair transplant London, UK

To find out more about FUE hair transplants at our clinic in London, please get in touch today for more information. We will be pleased to offer expert, impartial advice tailored to your individual needs and goals.

At Westminster Medical Group, you will personally consult with our GMC registered hair transplant surgeons at our Harley Street clinic and not a sales representative under pressure to close a deal.

Only a registered hair transplant surgeon can assess and advise which is the most suitable hair restorative option, given your particular case. This will include long term planning and the correct management of your available donor hair, taking into account possible future usage of this precious finite region.

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omar tahir
omar tahir
Excellent ! Would highly recommend for a hair transplant. Dr. Sebastian is very knowledgeable and professional his guidance, advice and results are great I started seeing results within a few months honestly truly lucky to come across such a good doctor. The team is also very welcoming and kind couldn't have asked for a better experience ! Thank you guys so much :)
Peter Wickenden
Peter Wickenden
I had micro pigmentation treatment with Marzena. A very thorough professional. Happy to answer any questions. Great results. No hesitation in recommending this excellent technician.
Marc Costello
Marc Costello
Had the FUE treatment and was handled brilliantly by the team. Great organisation on the day, made the process as easy as possible. The procedure was as easy and as comfortable as it could have been. Thanks to the Westminster Medical Group!
Trevor stechman
Trevor stechman
Recently had a smp procedure at WMG In Harley street. I must say I am absolutely delighted with the results it looks so natural and real and has blended in with my natural hair perfectly, the technician Marzena was very polite and professional and from the very first visit she explained the procedure and put my mind at rest, I was very happy with the way she worked, and would certainly return if I ever needed a top up
Steven Fraser
Steven Fraser
Excellent five star service. I'd researched several clinics before finding Westminster Medical Group. They were by far the best from day 1. Professional service, caring and efficient. The communication from the initial contact and booking the consultation has been excellent. I'd highly recommend them.
Mr K
Mr K
Getting a hair transplant is a big thing so I wanted to take the time and make sure I’m choosing the right place and surgeon for the job. Like most people I did contemplate Turkey etc but having looked more into it the top clinics are often conveyor belt systems processing thousands of patients, where the actual surgeon only sees you at consultation or you may be lucky to get a pencil line drawn on ur head on the day. London has many choices to filter through as well. Initially what sold Westminster Medical Group to me were the quality of the before and after pictures, and the first class reviews. Then looking into the surgeon's past works I liked the sound of Dr Ted Miln’s approach, awards, and knowledge. It was clear he not only had extensive knowledge of the science behind it all but the way in which he acknowledged part of this as an art form. Reframing the face with new hairs needs that certain touch. Then after a consultation with him i was so impressed with his ethics, like for him he's really interested in the patients psychology and reasoning behind them wishing for a procedure. Leading up to the surgery the communication with Barbara and Theresa was faultless. They made me feel fully aware of what shall happen and were always quick to respond to queries. After the surgery too, they are just as helpful and kind. They told me it would be like a spa day and it pretty much was, I was made to feel totally relaxed on the day, the receptionist was lovely. I had 3000 grafts and all though it took the whole day it flew by so fast. I was so relaxed at one point I fell asleep for some time. Dr Ted was involved throughout the procedure. The other nurses and staff were very professional and also good humoured and made me feel relaxed. So far its 6 days after and everything is healing nicely, the new hairline looks fantastic. Cant wait for month 3 and 6 etc when I’ll get to see how it really looks. This is definitely money well spent and I'm very happy I did it and got it done by a world class team. **Picture - 1 day post surgery.
Steven Sales
Steven Sales
I’ve had two hair transplants with WMC, the first being an FUT procedures in March 2022 and the second being and FUE procedure in October 2023. I was told in 2022 that I would most likely need a second procedure because of the amount of my recession, so my expectations were managed. During the most recent procedure in October 2023, I was so very happy that I received the same high quality of service from the day I booked my initial consultation to the day of the actual procedure. I decided to opt for FUE simply for the recovery time being shorter. However, having an FUE means the procedure is a little longer. Needless to say, this didn’t negatively impact the care and professionalism I received on the day whatsoever. On the day itself, I met the surgeon again and the team that would be supporting him. The surgeon and I had a conversation about what I wanted to achieve in terms of appearance, how long the procedure was to last, when there would be lunch / comfort breaks and what to expect. The procedure itself went without any problems and I was made to feel so at ease and as comfortable as possible. I was given chocolate throughout the day to keep my sugar levels up and lunch was also provided. The operating room was large and looked so clean and tidy. Given how nervous I felt on the day, seeing the preparedness taken made me feel at ease. When the surgeon had completed the extraction of the hairs to be transplanted, the team supporting him when to work to insert the hairs once these had been assessed. The level of communication and coordination was very impressive and it really made me feel at complete ease. At the end of the procedure, I had a long conversation with the surgeon about how it went and what to expect over the coming days. I was also given a goodie bag of shampoo, conditioner, pain relief tablets, neck supporter and a hat to take home. During the days and weeks that have followed, WMG have kept in regular contact with me and always been on hand, happy to respond to an email of telephone call, which has been so very reassuring. The surgeons will always be honest and realistic with what they can extract and what can be achieved. There is no hard sale whatsoever and you are given the time to think and make an informed decision. You will receive a follow-up email to confirm what was discussed and the costs involved, which is helpful because it’s easy to forget. For me personally, I felt assured in the fact that the procedure was done in London, which is a more easier commute then going abroad, and also having the team easily available to contact if I needed them. For anyone that is considering a hair transplant I say do it, life is too short to look at reflection in the mirror you don’t like, and to avoid photographs with friends and family being you don’t like what you see.
Andrew Cleall
Andrew Cleall
Highly recommended!
Helena Edwards
Helena Edwards
Great team and hopefully it will give a great result!
Kevin Joseph
Kevin Joseph
This is genuinely one of the best medical groups/centres you can find! The staff and service are honestly amazing. The level of professionalism, honesty, reassurance and communication is a testament to them all!

WMG Surgeons

A smiling man wearing medical scrubs and a patterned scrub cap stands in front of a banner with the "Westminster Medical Group" logo, specializing in hair surgery.

Dr. Taleb Barghouthi
(Hair Transplant Surgeon)

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Dr. Sebastian Deme
(Hair Transplant Surgeon)

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Dr. Grahame Shaw
(Hair Transplant Surgeon)



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