Superior WAW DUO FUE Hair Restoration.

At Westminster Medical Group, we offer cutting-edge hair restoration procedures using the WAW DUO FUE system that far surpasses traditional FUE methods in terms of speed and effectiveness. Our revolutionary WAW DUO FUE extraction device is specifically designed to handle all hair types, allowing for a greater number of high-quality hair grafts to be harvested through smaller incision footprints (typically less than 1 mm). This not only accelerates the healing process and reduces visible scarring but also minimises the risk of damaging surrounding healthy hair follicles. As a result, our patients experience superior hair restoration with shorter treatment times and minimal discomfort.

Superior WAW DUO FUE Hair Restoration. 1

Enhanced flexibility and adaptability when performing FUE

The innovative WAW DUO FUE system greatly sets itself apart from traditional FUE hair transplant techniques by providing greater versatility when removing follicular units from the safe zone donor region. These follicular units (grafts), typically consist of up to four hairs and have a natural conical form that widens at the base. To ensure minimal trauma whilst harvesting the entire follicular unit, it is crucial to widen the punch as it reaches the bottom of the hair follicle. The WAW DUO FUE technique allows for this, reducing the risk of harm to the follicular unit and the surrounding healthy follicles. As a result, a less invasive approach is employed to achieve optimal extraction with minimal transection rates for more efficient use of your donor region which isn’t infinite.

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