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A black and white article image featuring a close-up view of a man's head, showing details of a realistic scalp micropigmentation, simulating natural hair follicles on the scalp for male pattern

WMG London in GQ Magazine

Westminster Medical Group recently featured in GQ Magazine discussing Scalp Micropigmentation treatment (SMP) with our leading London specialist Marzena who is level 4 certified and BAHRS

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Two men posing for a photo, one with male pattern baldness and the other wearing a medical cap, both smiling, in a promotional image for a hair restoration medical group.

WMG London in the Independent

Westminster Medical Group recently appeared in The Independent newspaper discussing hair transplant surgery at our Harley Street surgical centre in central London. Contact Dr. Sebastian Deme and

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Advertisement showing three portraits: a smiling woman with dark hair, a smiling woman with blonde hair, and a smiling man with no hair, all above a text promoting a hair replacement clinic.

WMG London in The Standard

Westminster Medical Group recently appeared in The Standard newspaper discussing hair transplant surgery and non-surgical hair loss solutions at our Harley Street clinic in central London. Contact

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Close-up of a human scalp with thinning hair due to female hair loss, showing visible skin and a few strands within a highlighted circle.

WMG Soft Natural Hairline

A soft natural looking hairline is a key goal for many people who undergo hair transplant surgery. Achieving a hairline that looks natural involves several

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A modern dental clinic with two dental chairs, bright lighting, medical equipment, and a mounted TV displaying a clinic logo on a clean, white interior backdrop.

Hair Transplant Training Academy

Westminster Medical Group offers advanced training in both FUE hair transplant surgery, including Scalp Micropigmentation treatment with our leading Harley Street surgeons Harley Street medical

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