WMG State-Of-The-Art Harley Street Clinic in London

At Westminster Medical Group our custom designed state-of-the-art hair transplant clinic is well ventilated to constantly exchange the room air, and incorporates ultraviolet sterilisation technology to help eliminate known pathogens.

Here on Harley Street we utilize the latest WAW Duo & UGraft FUE hair transplant systems to allow us to efficiently manage your precious finite donor hair making sure you maintain a reserve amount for the future. We also incorporate sapphire and custom-cut incision blades to achieve closer graft placement for higher density hair transplant results. Vision Mantis stereo microscopes are also employed to sort all the individual hair groups and calibres accurately before planting them into the correct recipient zones to achieve natural and ‘non pluggy’ looking results, thus achieving high standards in hair transplant surgery for all our patients.

WMG Waiting Room

WMG Consultation Room

WMG Main Theatre

WMG Main Theatre

To find out more about hair transplant surgery at our Harley Street clinic in London, please get in touch today for more information.

At Westminster Medical Group, you will personally consult with our GMC registered hair transplant surgeons at our Harley Street clinic and not a sales representative under pressure to close a deal.

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