Hair Transplant Cost London.

Hair Transplant Cost London.


How much does it cost to have a hair transplant in London?

The cost of your treatment here on Harley Street will largely depend on what you would like to achieve, and how much hair restoration work is needed to complete the work envisioned. We offer 0% finance on all hair transplant procedures to help comfortably spread the cost of your treatment. 

The best way to decide what is best suited to your unique case is to be assessed at our Harley Street clinic with our surgeons directly, or begin a full online assessment with our medical team to discover all the options available to you. 


Westminster Medical Group Hair Transplant Cost London Guideline 2024.

Type of Procedure Number of grafts Price estimate Treatment includes
FUE Hair Transplant 500  – 5,000 Grafts £2,500 – £9,500 Full after care & post-op kit
FUT Hair Transplant 1,000 – 4,000 Grafts £3,500 – £7,000 Full after care & post-op kit
FUE Beard Transplant  500 – 2,000 Grafts £2,500 – £6,500 Full after care & post-op kit
Eyebrow Transplant  100 – 500 Grafts £1,500 – £3,500 Full aftercare & post-op kit
Scalp Micro Pigmentation   £350 – £750 per session 2-3 treatment sessions required
PRP & PRF Injectable   £500 per session Treatment session approx. 30 mins


Hair Transplant Cost in London

There are many factors for each individual case of hair loss which can influence the cost of treatment. This includes the patient’s age, their overall health, the type of hair loss experienced, available donor hair for transplantation, and the client’s expectation of the treatment. There may also be the need for additional treatment at a later date due to further hair loss, taking into account how best to micro manage your finite amount of donor hair reserve, which is not affected by thinning. All these factors will affect the cost of a hair transplant and will need to be planned with the surgeon directly. 
To find out more about the options available, and the cost of a hair transplant, we invite you to start a free online assessment, and to then attend a no-obligation consultation with one of our surgeons here on Harley Street to discuss all the options.


How Much Does an FUE Hair Transplant Cost at WMG?

For small or moderate cases of hair loss, the cost you could expect to pay is within the range of £2,500 – £6,500 for an FUE hair transplant up to 2,500 grafts. For more extensive cases of hair loss, this is between £6,500 – £9,500 via FUE up to 5,000 grafts. For large two day mega-session procedures up to 6,000 grafts, the cost is between £9,500 – £12,000 depending on the grafts numbers required. 


How Much Does 1,500 – 2000 Grafts (3,000 – 4,000 Hairs) Cost with WMG?

As with any surgical procedure, the case specifics of each individual patient need to be assessed fully with the surgeon, which affects the overall cost. A hair transplant requiring 1,500 – 2,000 grafts (3,000 – 4,000 hairs) via WAW FUE or UGraft FUE will cost between £4,500 – £6,500, which includes the post-op recovery kit, and full aftercare services throughout the 12 month regrowth phase, including follow up appointments to monitor your progress.


Does WMG Offer 0% APR Hair Transplant Finance?

Yes, Westminster Medical Group is able to offer 0% finance to help you spread the cost of your hair transplant procedure with a pay monthly plan.  

Here’s an example of an FUE hair transplant procedure costing £5,400 spread over 12 monthly repayments of £450 at 0% APR subject to acceptance. Total paid £5,400. 

Contact us today to discover more about our 0% hair transplant finance options.


Why Choose WMG London?

Internationally renowned hair transplant surgeons registered with the ISHRS, BAHRS and IAHRS. We work to the highest standard in hair restoration surgery at our custom state-of-the-art clinic on Harley Street. Our expert surgeons use 0.65 – 0.8mm FUE trumpet punches, the WAW DUO FUE system, the UGraft Zeus FUE system and also custom manual hair transplant FUE punches to strategically remove individual hair grafts with extreme care and precision. It’s important not to waste any of your precious donor reserve which isn’t infinite. Here on Harley Street we utilise sapphire and custom cut incision blades to achieve closer graft placement for higher density results. Vision Mantis stereo microscopes are also utilised to sort all the individual hair groups and calibres accurately before planting them into the correct recipient positions to achieve natural looking results



WMG Surgeons

A smiling man wearing medical scrubs and a patterned scrub cap stands in front of a banner with the "Westminster Medical Group" logo, specializing in hair surgery.

Dr. Taleb Barghouthi
(Hair Transplant Surgeon)

A smiling man wearing medical scrubs and a black head covering stands in front of a backdrop with the Westminster Medical Group logo, specializing in hair surgery.

Dr. Ted Miln
(Hair Transplant Surgeon)

A smiling male healthcare professional wearing glasses and a patterned scrub cap stands in front of a backdrop with the Westminster Medical Group logo, specializing in male pattern baldness.

Dr. Sebastian Deme
(Hair Transplant Surgeon)


Online Assessment

WMG Feed

Dr. Taleb Barghouthi is working on a large FUE hair transplant case here at Westminster Medical Group today.

Dr. Barghouthi is a Full Medical Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and is an elite member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians by the Hair Restoration Network.

Dr. Barghouthi`s Harley Street availability is filling up fast for 2024. Contact us today to book your free consultation with him to discuss your goals.

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At Westminster Medical Group, we utilize Vision Mantis stereo microscopes for precise graft dissection, ensuring accurate sorting of single, double, and triple hair grafts for implantation in the appropriate recipient zones tailored to each individual patient.

Get in touch with WMG London today to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our hair restoration specialists and explore how we can assist you.

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An excellent 5 star review verified by TrustPilot

Thank you Sean for leaving the kind words. It was great to have you with us on Harley Street, we`re glad you enjoyed your experience at Westminster Medical Group.

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With over 15 years of experience behind her, Fernanda is one of Westminster Medical Group`s most experienced technicians.

Her vast knowledge and expertise is easy to spot in theatre, where she is ever composed, focused and determined to provide the best possible result for the patient.

Despite having such an extensive record as a technician, Fernanda is never complacent - she approaches every patient as if it were her first and has even confessed to still feeling flutters of excitement - a testament to the passion and care she brings to her craft and the overriding sense of duty she feels to exceed expectations.

Fernanda is a core asset to the team and a shining example of Harley Street professionalism at Westminster Medical Group.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you.

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Watch our incredible patient Travis, describe in his own words his FUE hair transplant procedure at our Harley Street clinic in London.

The FUE hair transplant procedure takes one day to complete and you will see your results at 6-12 months following the procedure.

Contact us today to book your free consultation to discover how we can help you.

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Westminster Medical Group is located on the world famous Harley Street in Marylebone, a short walk to Oxford Street and Regents Park.

We offer a professional and personal approach to each and every one of our patients. Our doctors and hair restoration specialists have a wealth of expertise, and have worked together for many years. We are experts in hair, beard and eyebrow transplant surgery, including Scalp Micropigmentation and other non-surgical hair loss treatments.

For more information on hair transplant surgery at WMG London, contact us today to book your free consultation with one of our hair restoration surgeons to discover how we can best help you.

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Dr. Sebastian Deme is a hair, beard and eyebrow transplant expert, and is on the GMC specialist register for plastic surgery in the UK.

With an innate eye for detail, Dr. Sebastian specialises in soft hairlines, using sporadic placement of finer calibre hairs to create undetectable, natural looking hairlines.

Contact Westminster Medical Group today for more information on our hair restoration procedures.

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What a difference a hairline makes!

This gentleman had an FUE hair transplant at our Harley Street clinic in London totalling 1568 grafts to reframe his face with a natural looking hairline.

When we recreate natural hairlines, we select and use fine calibre hairs for the frontal few rows of the hairline. These are planted in a slightly sporadic fashion to replicate how they would ordinarily grow in nature. A tell tale sign of a hair transplant is a perfectly straight and exact wall of hair with the incorrect calibre of hairs used on the frontal hairline. It is the small imperfections which lead to a natural appearance with the softer `baby hairs` at the front, planted in a feathered micro irregular design.

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