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Westminster Medical Group® draws from many years of expertise in the hair restoration industry. Our tight-knit team of doctors, technicians and medical staff are highly skilled professionals, who are dedicated to offering you the best hair transplant experience in the UK.

Dr. Taleb Barghouthi, Dr. Sebastian Deme and Dr. Ted Miln work to a very high standard, at our custom-built state-of-the-art hair transplant facility on Harley Street, offering sophisticated FUE & FUT hair transplant techniques, and medical-based treatments to give our patients the best possible outcome given their case. 

Our doctors, technicians, and staff have vast expertise in the hair restoration field. They are all dedicated to medical excellence, furthering the development of hair restoration surgery through continued learning and focused patient care. 

Westminster Medical Group is registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission to ensure that very high standards of safety and care are met at our Harley Street hair transplant clinic in London. 

With our expert approach to surgery and patient care, we have a strong reputation for our results and service. Our Harley Street medical team in London are highly trained professionals, delivering the highest standard of clinical excellence in the field of hair restorative surgery.

Should you choose to undergo a hair transplant at our Harley Street hair clinic in London, UK, rest assured you have selected a highly experienced and honest team with great skill in hair restorative surgery, whilst incorporating the best surgical techniques and advanced instruments needed for high quality hair transplant results.  

A hair transplant is a complex and precise procedure that should only be performed by experienced professionals in the field. The process of removing and re-implanting hair follicles from the donor area to the recipient area requires extreme care and precision to ensure the best possible natural looking outcome. 

The post-operative period is crucial for your healing and recovery, as it greatly influences the success of the hair transplant. After the surgery, it may take 3-4 months for the transplanted follicles to start growing again. Initially, the new hair growth may grow a little coarse and uneven at first, but over the remaining months, it will normalise and become fuller and thicker as it matures fully. 

Full hair growth is typically achieved around the 12-month mark, although individual recovery times may vary depending on each patient’s unique physiology. Our team of medical professionals at Harley Street are always available to address any concerns or questions you may have throughout the entire process. 

We will follow up with you at six months and twelve months post-op to monitor your progress and ensure that your hair is growing as expected. A final check-up will be scheduled to evaluate the overall results of the hair transplant, including the growth and quality of your transplanted and non-transplanted hair. 

During your consultation at our Harley Street clinic, you will meet with one of our GMC registered hair transplant surgeons who will assess your specific needs and recommend the most suitable hair restoration option for you. It is important to seek guidance from a qualified professional to achieve the best possible results tailored to your individual circumstances. 

If you truly want the best hair transplant experience in London by a dedicated team of professionals, then look no further than Westminster Medical Group. Contact us today for free, friendly advice, or start your online assessment, or book an in-person consultation at our Harley Street clinic in London with one of our surgeons directly and not a non qualified sales representative. 

We always strive for the best natural hair transplant results whilst ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction with every treatment. If you’re the right candidate, our surgeon will perform your surgery in a way that restores your hair whilst maintaining a degree of future proofing should you need further treatment at a later date. If you’re not the best candidate for hair transplant surgery, we offer non-surgical solutions and medical treatments as great alternatives.

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A smiling man wearing medical scrubs and a patterned scrub cap stands in front of a banner with the "Westminster Medical Group" logo, specializing in hair surgery.

Dr. Taleb Barghouthi
(Hair Transplant Surgeon)

A smiling male healthcare professional wearing glasses and a patterned scrub cap stands in front of a backdrop with the Westminster Medical Group logo, specializing in male pattern baldness.

Dr. Sebastian Deme
(Hair Transplant Surgeon)

A smiling man wearing medical scrubs and a black head covering stands in front of a backdrop with the Westminster Medical Group logo, specializing in hair surgery.

Dr. Ted Miln
(Hair Transplant Surgeon)



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