WMG Soft Natural Hairline

A soft natural looking hairline is a key goal for many people who undergo hair transplant surgery. Achieving a hairline that looks natural involves several factors, including the design of the hairline, the graft selection and their placement, and the skills of the surgeon.

When designing a natural looking hairline, the surgeon will take into account the patient’s age, facial structure, hair type, and hair loss pattern. The hairline should be appropriate for the patient’s age and facial features, and should also look natural when the hair grows out.

The placement of the grafts is also important for adding softer appearance, especially in patients where there is high contrast between skin and hair colour to avoid unnatural look. The grafts should be placed in a way that mimics the natural pattern of hair growth, with finer single hair follicles at the front of the hairline and thicker multi grafts planted behind them.

Planting finer single hairs.

Overall, achieving a soft natural looking hairline requires careful planning, attention to detail, and the skill of an experienced surgeon and medical team with great experience in hairline recreation and repair cases.

You want others to appreciate your new hairline, and not draw negative attention towards it, which could add to an existing problem and make you feel more self-conscious.

Close up of the finer single hairs transplanted to the hairline.


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