Afro FUE Hair Transplants in Black Patients

Afro-Caribbean FUE Hair Transplant London

African hair has different characteristics compared to Caucasian or Asian hair, which makes it very important for hair transplant providers to understand when performing hair transplant surgery. 

Afro-textured hair naturally grows less dense than Asian or Caucasian hair. This means that not as many grafts are harvested via the FUE or FUT techniques as there are less hairs per centimeter squared. Not as many hair grafts are needed compared to Asian or Caucasian hair transplants due to the unique curly nature of the hair which interweaves and creates the “big hair” look.  

Not only is the hair curled on top, the hair is also curly under the skin, which means straightening or chemically relaxing the hair on top is temporary as the curly hair continues to emerge. The hair grafts also take up more space due to the curled nature and need to be placed in slightly larger incision holes to accommodate.

Traditionally, regular FUE is difficult to perform on Afro-textured hair, although mixed-race patients may have straighter, less tight curls, which allows regular FUE to be performed with the correct patient selection. 

Here on Harley Street we are using the UGraft Zeus system which allows more versatility to overcome the challenges commonly associated with performing FUE for tightly-curled Afro-textured hair. The unique gentle pulling action of the UGraft punch when extracting the hairs cancels the difficulty with hair angulation under the skin. 

More information regarding the UGraft Zeus system can be read here: https://wmglondon.com/ugraft-hair-transplant-london/


Watch Denzyl go through his FUE hair transplant procedure from start to finish at our Harley Street clinic in London.


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