Marzena is Westminster Medical Group’s lead Scalp Micropigmentation technician with vast experience in the hair loss industry. Marzena is Level 4 certified in SMP treatment and has been working alongside leading hair transplant surgeons, trichologists, hair loss specialists and has trained many SMP technicians in the field. Marzena is one of the few in the UK listed as a Scalp Micropigmentation Member of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery (BAHRS).

Marzena has helped both men and women suffering with pattern baldness, general thinning, various alopecia conditions, hair transplant repair and accident & burn scars with her unique style of SMP since 2014.

Marzena has successfully completed her medical training and certification in Bloodborne Pathogens, First Aid/CPR, Health and Safety, Infection Prevention and Control, Safeguarding Adults and Information Governance, in line with requirements to help maintain high standards of safe practice and focused patient care.

Marzena is a great asset to our Harley Street medical team here in London, and is heavily focused on offering excellent patient care here at Westminster Medical Group.

Marzena was recently selected by GQ Magazine to touch on the various applications of SMP treatment and how it can help achieve a fuller looking head of hair.

A focused female dentist with short hair, wearing a mask, gloves, and a protective apron, is performing a dental procedure on a patient experiencing female hair loss.
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