The Undeniable Trend of Beards

Since 2014 actors, musicians, models, sports stars and trendy hipsters started sporting beards in large numbers, making facial hair fashion much more mainstream.

The rising beard clubs, associations and events like Movember – an entire month of growing moustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer during November, suggest the trend towards having beards nowadays will not be disappearing anytime soon.

Research shows that the beards influence men’s attractiveness to women. If any grooming habit can be considered most attractive, it is the heavy stubble beard that can be achieved after not shaving for about 10 days. Women love scruff, and heavy stubble beard styles apparently make men look rugged, confident, rebellious, sexy and healthy.

Yet a beard is no longer just a beard. Men’s shaving habits are about other men far more than they are about directly appealing to women. It is about masculinity and manliness. At salons, the traditional barber has now been transformed into a beard stylist who trims, shaves and shapes the beard. The reappearing tradition of barber shops creates once again a cool hang out for men.

While the trend certainly dictates that the real man grows his beard as the most prominent signal of his own masculinity, not all men are so lucky. Although most men are likely to grow facial hair around the moustache and chin region, it is more towards the center of their cheeks where they are unable to grow it.

Getting treatments to fill out their beard is an option to achieve full hair they are looking for. You can choose your beard style just like you choose your hairstyle. In many cases, the hair used for beard transplants comes from the back of your scalp. For smaller beard transplant, hair can be taken from under the chin where hair is closest in calibre and quality to natural beard hair. Scarring is almost invisible, especially when taken from under the chin where your are not going to miss it. During scalp to beard transplant, the surgeon only takes every fifth hair, so while it may look slightly thinner, you won’t have visible bald patches. Facial hair transplant should be done mostly with single hair grafts to be carefully selected and placed to ensure natural appearance. The density improves each month on, resulting in evenly dense full beard.

While social media, e-commerce and the beard care industry in general gave rise to fashionable beard stylists, choosing a skilled hair growth specialist and clinic remains vital to get a natural-looking result.

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