6 - 12 Month Regrowth Timeline

Pre-Operative Photo

Pre-op photo demonstrating the frontal third area in need of hair restoration.

Hair loss classification Norwood 3.

1 Day Post-Op

Patient post-op photo taken immediately after 1443 grafts were implanted via FUE.

The cosmetic redness will last for up to 10 – 14 days post-op.

1 Month Post-Op 

At 1 month post op the majority of transplanted hairs will have temporarily shed off.

The hairs will begin to re-emerge over the course of the next few months.

6 Months Post-Op 

At 6 months post op up to 50% of the newly transplanted hairs will have grown in.

Transplanted hairs will continue to emerge over the the next 6 months.

12 Months Post-Op 

At 12 months post op all of the transplanted hairs will have fully grown in.

The hair texture will continue to mature up to 18 months post-op.


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