ISHRS change the meaning of FUE

ISHRS change the meaning of FUE 1For many years the abbreviation FUE has been used by many clinics to reference the hair transplant method known as ‘Follicular Unit Extraction’. Earlier this year, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) officially updated the term to ‘Follicular Unit Excision’.

With the increasing popularity of FUE worldwide, the old term lost its surgical nature and was often referred to as ‘non-invasive’ and even ‘scarless procedure’ often boasting the lack of linear scar and misleading many patients into believing that the FUE technique is far superior and less obvious than its FUT forerunner. In reality, FUE is equally as complex as FUT and requires great technical knowledge to perform correctly.

During an FUE procedure the meticulous circular excision of each graft should only be performed by a professional with years of experience to minimise transaction rate during harvesting. Read more here:

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