It takes good eyes and a steady hand

The surgeon and his technicians are all very important members of the operating team.

While it is understandable that hair transplant surgery is team work, it is ultimately the hair restoration surgeon who is responsible for the procedure.

The key to a successful hair transplant lies in the ability to bring together a highly trained surgical team, who use the correct precision tools, and work in sync to complete the procedure in a timely manner.

The surgeon is responsible for the patient throughout the whole process, marking up where the hairs should be planted, anaesthetising the scalp, harvesting the hair grafts and also the creative aesthetic process of designing the hairline, all whilst overseeing and directing his team of technicians.

Hair transplant technicians are responsible for dissecting the hair grafts under high magnification, trimming them to a uniform size, and preparing them for insertion. Precision, skill, accuracy and speed at this level are hugely important, and only a team trained to the highest standards can complete the task ahead.

Whilst technically any medical doctor can train to become a hair transplant surgeon, it takes years of practice and dedication to become truly proficient in the art of hair restorative surgery. A good hair transplant surgeon must have a very thorough understanding of the various types of hair loss and be able to envision what can realistically be achieved for each individual case. A good hair transplant surgeon will listen to his patient and help educate each patient with the viable options available for his or her particular case.

Dr. Sebastian, and Dr. Miln are talented surgeons, with a wealth of experience in the field of hair restorative and micro surgery. All our surgeons are registered with the ISHRS, the worlds leading authority on hair loss restoration.

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